A Nasty Building

African-American patron going in colored entrance of the Crescent Theatre in Belzoni, Mississippi, on a Saturday afternoon. 1939 PHOTO: Marion Post Wolcott

«My rubber heels slithered on the pavement as I turned into the narrow lobby of the Fulwider Building. A single drop light burned far back, beyond an open, once-gilt elevator.

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Slow Death (Blog rescues)


Once upon a time I kept a blog on Filmcommunity.com. Back then I thought backup was for cowards, so of course when the site closed I lost all but a few texts. I’d like retrieve those surviving posts, starting with this one.

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Muere en la piscina y dale al like


El guionista más famoso de la historia de Hollywood (con permiso de Charlie Kaufman) muere asesinado por la ricachona que le utilizaba cual gigoló con pretensiones artísticas (Charles Brackett y Billy Wilder, los autores del guion, posiblemente buscaban una metáfora ahí. Aunque personalmente no acabo de pillarla). El pobre diablo empieza a contar su historia mientras flota boca abajo en la piscina de una gran mansión.

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