I’m Your Greatest Idol


A YOUNG COUPLE enjoy a good meal at a fancy restaurant in New York. The year is 2009.


This place is amazing!


I know! Everybody says this is the real thing this year.


You sure we can afford this?


Don’t worry about that. Tonight’s a special night.

Someone clears his throat. Phil turns his head and finds DAVID BOWIE squatting by his side, grinning.

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A Nasty Building

African-American patron going in colored entrance of the Crescent Theatre in Belzoni, Mississippi, on a Saturday afternoon. 1939 PHOTO: Marion Post Wolcott

“My rubber heels slithered on the pavement as I turned into the narrow lobby of the Fulwider Building. A single drop light burned far back, beyond an open, once-gilt elevator.

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Slow Death (Blog rescues)


Once upon a time I kept a blog on Filmcommunity.com. Back then I thought backup was for cowards, so of course when the site closed I lost all but a few texts. I’d like retrieve those surviving posts, starting with this one.

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